Trusted Platform Module is required for the next Windows 11

Windows 11 is planned to be launched this late 2021, a free update for everyone with Windows 10 users. one thing that requires attention is the requirement of TPM or Trusted Platform Module. …

Swift 5.3 brings binary dependency or compiled frameworks to SPM

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At last, a long-awaited feature comes to Swift. Swift 5.3 will enable you to add binary dependencies in Swift Package Manager. Why does this sound fantastic? Because before Swift 5.3, …

Swift 5.3 brings resource capabilities to SPM

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SE-0271 by Anders Bertelrud and Ankit Aggarwal brings Resources to Swift Package Manager. If you have any iOS development experience, you’ll know that you can add non-compiled files with Bundle. In the new Swift Package Manager, based on Swift 5.3 or newer, you can add the same thing. …

An easy, open-source way to share Simulator GIFs with your team

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Not all companies have the process of delivering products from development to production, but most of them have a method to showcase what they did and review it together before entering the production. Most companies will use Pull Request or Merge Request as a way to do that. …

Explore a new way to write your code with Closure to write better efficient code

It’s no secret that the iPhone user is expecting high-quality apps they used on their iPhone. Especially since Apple has set a high bar in terms of the quality of apps on the iPhone. They create their hardware and software, and this is the recipe for success. They can write…

A Raging Gorilla Face
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Model is a crucial part of our daily life as a Software Engineer. We use model to represent a state or data on our works. But you know what ? there are several powerful ways to utilize the model to maximize its potential.

Representing a State

We can create a Model that representing…

How to avoid fatal mistakes on array Swift.

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As a Developer, Array is one of the crucial tools we use to build our code. …

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For a long time, I don’t read books. It feels so mundane, and I simply can’t do it. At a young age, like another student, I was forced to read books, so I can get a good grade and graduated.but …

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Note: This is a series about Texture, To fully understand this chapter, you can first read this chapter Onboard to “Asynchronus” Layout API — Texture.

As you know, Texture is not using Auto Layout to layout its view. Texture using its own layout mechanism called LayoutSpec.

LayoutSpec is basically an…

What is Texture?

Texture or previously known as AsyncDisplayKit is an abstraction layer of UIView which in turn is an abstraction over CALayer. Facebook initially developed Texture and then taken over by Pinterest. As UIView used Main Thread, Texture utilizes Background Thread to initialize and configure the node.

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