How to Turn On TPM on MSI B550 Tomahawk

Wendy Liga
2 min readJul 8, 2021

Trusted Platform Module is required for the next Windows 11

Windows 11 is planned to be launched this late 2021, a free update for everyone with Windows 10 users. one thing that requires attention is the requirement of TPM or Trusted Platform Module. luckily MSI B550 Tomahawk has a built-in TPM module but is disabled by default, here how to enable it.

Go to your bios, when turning your computer, smashing del button

EZ Mode

If you get this screen, it means you are in EZ Mode, press f7 to go to Advance Mode

Advance Mode

Once you are in Advance Mode, go to Settings.

Go to Security

Go to Trusted Computing

Then enable the Security Device Support

That’s it, restart your PC, you can now try it on Windows 11.

Wrap Up

So Windows 11 will launch this late 2021, and TPM is one of the requirements. After enabling it on BIOS, you can try windows 11 on your PC.

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