Swift 5.3 brings binary dependency or compiled frameworks to SPM

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

At last, a long-awaited feature comes to Swift. Swift 5.3 will enable you to add binary dependencies in Swift Package Manager. Why does this sound fantastic? Because before Swift 5.3, SPM (Swift Package Manager) only enabled source-code libraries as a dependency, which meant that lots of enterprise software (which often…

Explore a new way to write your code with Closure to write better efficient code

It’s no secret that the iPhone user is expecting high-quality apps they used on their iPhone. Especially since Apple has set a high bar in terms of the quality of apps on the iPhone. They create their hardware and software, and this is the recipe for success. They can write…

Wendy Liga

Learning Driven Life • iOS Software Writer at Tokopedia • Exploring Swift and Anything that Sounds Fun • Open Source Enthusiast

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