How I Change Myself to Love to Read Books

Wendy Liga
3 min readOct 11, 2019


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For a long time, I don’t read books. It feels so mundane, and I simply can’t do it. At a young age, like another student, I was forced to read books, so I can get a good grade and graduated.but outside that, I would never think to read books even just a little.

Growing up as a Software Engineer, I craft a behavior to read an article around technology, and this time it does not feel dull anymore. I willingly and passionately want to read it. I feel an urgency to know more and stay relevant as technology grows so fast. I acknowledge that the insurmountable information out there hence impossibility to know all of it. However, by start reading, I take a small piece compared to nothing.

As I am more comfortable and enjoy reading, I apprehend why people invest his/her time to read. There’re a lot of good things you got when you read. If I can fix something in my past, one of them is reading books. The past is history, and the future is what we should focus on. I want to redeem what I ought. I dare myself to read books daily.

Start to Read

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The secret to start reading books is to find a book that suits you. I am attracted to books around technology, self-help, and biography. By choosing books based on my interest, I got a reason to read that book. I want to read it to know what Elon Musk did to build Tesla, or how I can implement the latest technology on my work.

Throughout my journey on reading, I find a technique to increase concentration on the text and maintain understandable on the content. While reading, I use Speak feature on my iPad to sound out the word on the screen. By default, our mind will listen to the sound, and our reading will align with the sound.

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I prefer to read a digital book instead of a paper book. I am minimalist and prefer not having a lot of books mess up my room. Digital book has features like search the text, highlight sentences, or read the text on the device which paper book does not have.

Benefit of Reading

The first thing you will realize after reading the book is of course, the information you obtain from the book, and it will vary depending on the context of the book. I also learn that I don’t know a lot of things. I find a lot of exciting ways how to do things differently, how to perceive new ideas, or how to think from another point of view. I feel perseverant, calm, and more eager to learn something new. I got a more breadth point of view to a problem and the calculated approach to solve the problem.


So this is my story, how I change myself to love to read books. To sum up, I hope this story can inspire people out there to start to read books. I will continue to read my books, and you should read yours too.



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